What does AENI stand for?

Association of Ecuadorians in New England

Is AENI a non-profit?

Yes, AENI is a Registered 501(C)(3) organization. Contributions to AENI are fully tax deductible as provided by law.

How does AENI distribute the funds?

Donations received by AENI are channeled towards approved projects presented by members and selected by the AENI Board of Directors and AENI Membership. Each year, the AENI Projects Committee implements the following transparent and methodical process:

  •  AENI member identifies and establishes a relationship with a registered Charity Organization in Ecuador.
  •  AENI member gathers all supporting documentation, notarized paperwork, permits, etc. validating the legal existence of the charity organization.
  •  AENI member prepares a presentation and submits a budget request.
  •  AENI Board and Membership select the winner(s).
  •  AENI and the selected organization maintain constant contact during the distribution and disbursement of funds. The organization will deliver scheduled progress reports to AENI along with documentation, photos, testimonials, etc.
Which organizations has AENI helped over the last 10 years?

  •  Fundación Sonrisas con Amor – Medical/Dental Equipment
  •  Fundación Centro de Promoción Social de Manta – Medical Equipment
  •  Fundación San Vicente – Medical Equipment
  •  Fundación Nacional de Parálisis Cerebral – Medical & Physical Therapy Equipment
  •  Fundación Tierra Nueva – Medical & Dental Equipment
  •  Alliance for Cultural & Economic Exchange – Scholarship Funds
  •  Hogar Emaus – Furniture & Equipment
  •  San Martin de Porres Hospital – Medical Equipment
How much money has AENI distributed?

Since 2005, AENI has raised and distributed over $500K in medical/dental equipment, and scholarships.

Why does AENI choose to send money to assist children in Ecuador?

Our primary reason is our love for our homeland. AENI feels a deep sense of pride in assisting children who are less fortunate, in need and at risk. Also, the numbers speak for themselves.

According to a recent UNICEF study, children represent 40 percent of Ecuador’s population and nearly 70 percent of those under the age of 17 live in poverty, with little or no access to schools. An estimated 21 percent of 5-17 year olds are forced to engage in work of some sort to help support their families. School enrollment is low, especially among the indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorians of whom only 39 percent complete primary school. Although Ecuador's constitution guarantees free basic education for all children, schools operate on such limited budgets that families must cover the cost of books, teaching materials, and utilities. These fees hinder poor families from sending their children to school, and leave many children laboring to make ends meet for their families. For those that do attend school, most drop out before reaching high school, severely reducing their chances of ever being able to earn a living wage or attain a secure job.

Facts and figures documentation:

Does AENI have a religious or political affiliation?

AENI has no religious or political affiliation, and chooses organizations to support without regard to race, religion, or ethnicity.

How can I get involved with AENI?

There are many ways to get involved with AENI and support underprivileged children in Ecuador.

  •  Become a member and join a group of like-minded individuals who have an affinity with Ecuador and assisting Ecuadorian children.
  •  Volunteer in one of our 6 committees.
  •  Make a donation and support AENI’s charitable contribution programs.
  •  Be an ambassador and help share the work that AENI does to your friends and family and encourage them to make a donation or become a member. Highlight the great work that goes on to improve the lives of children and their families in Ecuador.
Can I host a fundraiser for AENI?

Absolutely! We appreciate all of the support that we can get. Click here to learn more.


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